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Shore Station has come a long way from 1959 when the first Shore Station Boat Lift was produced. Now, 54 years later they have come up with their own brand of pier that needs to withstand the daily punishment the lakes have to offer, like boats, rough water, the sun, the kids, etc.  Shore Station pier is able to grow and adapt to your lifestyles from season to season.  Shore station pier is powder-coated aluminum deck planks, heavy-duty galvanized leg frames, aluminum leg extensions, and stainless steel hardware.

Shore Station pier has an A-Frame stance which provides a wider base for a level of stability.  You can choose from two different types of Dock styles, you can either choose Low Maintenance Aluminum or Nostalgic cedar.  Either one you choose will make your shore line a one of a kind.

Along with Floe, Shore Station has their own, Design your custom layout online.  They offer a 3-D lakefront layout tool that will walk you through the process of designing your dock.  You can check it out at www.shorestation.com/lakefrontlayout

Shore Station also offers a full line of accessories that you could add to your pier to make it a very one of a kind pier!